Cerwin-Vega INT-118SV2 18in Passive Subwoofer, 1000W (Each)

The INT-118SV2 features 34mm compression drivers, steel frame woofers and Speakon® and 1/4” inputs. The cabinet features 15mm reinforced cabinet with black carpet finish, and all metal handles with stamped CV logo. This new V2 series features improved sound quality AND lower pricing! Ideal for PA applications such as DJ systems, live sound or program playback, this series is fully portable and ready for sound on the go. So what's new?

Stronger drivers 

The quality has been improved with the addition of more steel.

Enhanced durability

Cabinet construction has been upgraded with internal bracing.

Better performance

The size of the magnets on the compression drivers has been increased.

Improved dependability 

New positive temperature coefficient (PTC) thermistor protects the tweeter and acts as a self-repairing fuse allowing the speaker to return to normal operation once the input fault is corrected.

Cerwin-Vega INT-118SV2 18in Passive Subwoofer, 1000W (Each)

SKU: sil69350
    • Frequency Response: +/- 3 dB 49 Hz - 200 kHz
      Frequency Response (1W /1M): -10 dB 33.5 Hz
      Nominal Impedance: Full Range 8 Ohms
      Axial Sensitivity (dB SPL, 1W / 1M): Full Range 96 dB
      Calculated Maximum Output dB SPL, @ 1M): Full Range 125.5 dB
      Power Handling (Watts): RMS 225 W / Program 450 W / Peak 900 W
      Dimensions: 25.5" H x 23.75" W x 23" D
      Weight: 88.85 lbs




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