Record from, and manage, up to 32 cameras with the N52B5P Pro Series 32-Channel 4K UHD ePoE NVR from Dahua Technology at resolutions up to 3840 x 2160. Equipped with two SATA III ports, the NVR can support up to 20TB of internal storage (6TB preinstalled). Eight out of the NVR's 16 PoE ports support ePoE and EoC with the use of an optional EoC converter. ePoE offers a cost-effective solution for transmitting power and data over long distances via Ethernet or coaxial cables. Two-way audio is supported via RCA audio ports.

This NVR supports simultaneous HDMI and VGA outputs, as well as up to 128 users. With the help of H.265+, H.265, H.264+, H.264, and MJPEG compression, file sizes are kept manageable while recording and playback quality are maintained. ONVIF-compliance for version 2.4 enables interoperability with ONVIF-compliant cameras.

Smart H.265+ and H.264+ dual codecs

Up to 320 Mb/s incoming bandwidth

Up to 12MP resolution for preview and playback

Enhanced Power over Ethernet (ePoE) Technology for long-distance power/data transmission via Ethernet or coaxial cable

Ethernet over Coaxial (EoC) protocol to convert between analog and IP power/data transmissions

Ports 1 through 8 support ePoE and EoC signal transmission; up to 2625' via Cat 5e and 3281' via RG59

Simultaneous HDMI and VGA video output

Various dewarping modes

Intelligent Video System (IVS) built-in video analytics with standard, premium, and advanced features

Standard IVS features include detection of tampering, loss of camera focus, drastic change of camera focus, error writing onto onboard microSD card, error sending or receiving data over the network, and unauthorized access to camera

Premium IVS features include detection of motion, tripwire violation, intrusion, scene change, and abandoned/missing object

Advanced IVS features for cameras with built-in Intelligent Business Analytics include facial detection, people counting, heat map, face recognition, and license plate recognition

Automatic Network Replenishment Technology (ANR) for automatic storage of video data on IP camera's SD card when the network is disconnected

Smart fan with automatic speed adjustment based on ambient temperature reduces noise and electrical consumption

Dahua Technology N52B5P6 Pro Series 32-Channel 4K UHD ePoE NVR with 6TB HDD

SKU: sil71034
    • Record from and Manage up to 32 Cameras
    • Up to 3840 x 2160 Recording Resolution
    • 6TB HDD Preinstalled
    • H.265(+), H.264(+) & MJPEG Compression
    • Two-Way Audio
    • Up to 128 Simultaneous Users
    • 16x PoE Ports for Video/Power Connection
    • PoE Ports 1-8 Support ePoE and EoC
    • HDMI & VGA Simultaneous Video Outputs
    • ONVIF Complaint, Version 2.4

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