Power your conferences with Grandstream GXV3370! A video phone with SIP integration, GXV3370 features a beautiful 7" touchscreen display, integrated 720p HD camera, and built-in Bluetooth and dual-band WiFi. Grandstream GXV3370 runs Android 7.0, making it easy to pick up and giving you access to the apps in the Google Play Store.

GXV3370 offers so many connectivity options to users. It supports 7-way audio conferencing and 3-way video conferencing, as well as 16 SIP accounts. Connect a headset using Bluetooth, or one of the dedicated headset ports. Record calls locally on an SD card. You can even connect it to an HD display, because it has an HDMI video out port.

Grandstream GXV3370 Android Gigabit IP Video Phone

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