Nest H17000EF Connect Range Extender.

Nest Connect is a range extender for the Nest Secure alarm system. It lets you install Nest Detect sensors farther away from your Nest Guard, especially in larger homes. It can also help if you think wireless interference is causing any of your Detects to appear as offline in the Nest app.

Adding a Connect to Nest Secure can provide that extra boost sometimes needed to get reliable coverage throughout large homes. So even if you have Detects installed at the other end of your home, they can still communicate with Guard.

Simply open the Nest app and add Connect to your account. Then plug Connect into an outlet that's between Guard and any Detects that were out of range or having issues with wireless interference.

By purchasing this product you agree that you are either (i) dealer and contractor who are authorized by Nest to purchase and resell the Product as part of an installed application, or (ii) commercial building owner or developer who hires installing contractors or who has trained, professional maintenance staff to install the Product in the buildings of such owner and developer.

Nest H17000EF Connect Range Extender

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