The Intel® Xeon® W processors in the TS-2888X provide up to 18 cores with 36 threads and up to 4.5 GHz with Intel® Turbo Boost Technology 2.0, combined with up to 512 GB DDR4 ECC RDIMM 2666 MHz memory to deliver rapid workload loading and processing.

The TS-2888X combines performance, computing, and high storage capacity with U.2 SSD drive bays to meet versatile application demands with maximized cost-effectiveness.

The high number of CPU cores and clock speeds provide sufficient resources for rendering tasks, and the support of virtual machines to work with 3ds MAX® and Adobe® After Effects® software makes the TS-2888X an ideal rendering server.

The TS-2888X is capable of unleashing the full potential of 25GbE high-speed networks, and can work with workstations using Adobe® Premiere Pro® and Final Cut Pro® to realize smooth video editing workflows.

QNAP TS-2888X-W2175-128G-US 28-Bay AI NAS 14-CORE 2.5GHz W2175 (128GB)

SKU: sil69196
    • In addition to running multiple virtual machines for different operation systems (OS) and application servers, the TS-2888X provides four license-free vQTS to operate four independent QTS OS on a single hardware platform.
    • The TS-2888X is engineered for machine learning, simplifying and accelerating AI deployment through QNAP’s QuAI computing platform.
    • From file storage, multi-workstation collaboration, image rendering, to post-production, the TS-2888X can satisfy all your video production needs. The TS-2888X can serve as a highly-reliable, high-performance collaboration file center, greatly improving your team’s productivity and allowing you to focus on creativity and work quality.
    • Slow rendering is a big issue for 3D animators and filmmakers in the creative professional industry. Because rendering is a time-consuming and workload-heavy task in the video production workflow, it can significantly impact project progress. The number of CPU cores and clock speed in the rendering server hardware plays an important role in rendering. To support resource-demanding rendering demands, the TS-2888X features powerful Intel® Xeon® W processors with excellent computing performance and high storage capacity. The TS-2888X can also host virtual machines and containers to run render management systems, such as OpenCue and Deadline from the NAS. Coupled with workstations using Maya, 3ds MAX, Cinema 4D and Adobe After Effects, the TS-2888X realizes optimized collaborative rendering workflows.
    • Use Virtualization Station to create multiple virtual machines on the TS-2888X for dynamic render nodes, and flexibly allocate CPU computing resources to the render nodes running different rendering tasks.
    • In the fast-growing content creation industry, the high-capacity TS-2888X is your ideal 4K media center. Users of Final Cut Pro® (Mac users) and Adobe® Premiere Pro® (Windows users) can centrally store, access, and share video materials on the TS-2888X via SMB protocol for highly collaborative projects. By using the PCIe-based 25GbE adapter (QXG-25G2SF-CX4), the TS-2888X can fully take advantage of the 25GbE network performance to accelerate file transfer and tackle team collaboration productivity challenges in the fast-paced media industry.




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