• The RM-WG-T5 gives you the ability to mount your WatchGuard Firebox T35 and T55 in a 19" rack. The kit is tailored specifically for the listed models to guarantee a perfect fit. In addition, the connections are brought to the front for easy access.

    Assembly will take about 5 minutes. Simply slide your WatchGuard device in the kit, place the retainers and connect the supplied cables to the keystones.

    Other colors can be delivered on project basis

    Rackmount.IT RM-WG-T5 Rack Mount Kit for WatchGuard Firebox T35/T55

    SKU: sil68919
    • Color WatchGuard Red
      Height 1.3U
      2U with the supplied front plate
      (height x width x depth)
      59 x 482 x 217mm
      Number of connections brought to the front 6
      Console port to the front Yes
      Cables 6x 0.5m cables
      Couplers 6x RJ45 couplers
      Supported Models - WatchGuard Firebox T35
      - WatchGuard Firebox T55
      What's in the box - 1x WG-Rack + RJ45 couplers
      - 1x Rackmount.IT front plate
      - Cables 
      - Assembly materials
      - Installation guide
      EAN 8718868918468
      UPC 852754006469




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