The SNC-EB600 from Sony is a HD network fixed camera powered by IPELA ENGINE EX, minimum illumination of 0.05lx (Color, 50IRE, 1/30 shutter speed), 720p/30fps, View-DR (130dB), easy-focus, image stabilization, PoE.

Sony SNC-EB600 HD True D/N Network Box Camera, 3-8mm

SKU: sil73010
    • IPELA ENGINE EX signal processing system developed based on Sony’s unique signal processing and intelligent video analytics technologies to provide unique features such as XDNR and DEPA Advanced
    • View-DR - Sony's innovative wide dynamic range technology to capture objects clearly and adaptively even under very harsh, severe backlight or highlight conditions
    • Visibility Enhancer (VE) to optimize the brightness and color reproduction of an image dynamically on a pixel-by-pixel basis while continuously adapting to the scene within the given dynamic range
    • DEPA Advanced Intelligent Video Analytics to trigger an alarm based on user-defined rules
    • XDNR (eXcellent Dynamic Noise Reduction) technology for clear images without motion blur under low illumination
    • Picture mode selectable from a range of cemra scenes in the setting menu to optimize picture quality in various applications
    • True Day/Night function to switch to day or night mode depending on the light level
    • Built-in HTML viewer compatible with most Smartphones
    • Easy Focus function for easy installation
    • Powered by PoE (Power over Ethernet)
    • ONVIF (Open Network Video Interface Forum) Profile S conformance
    • VBR (variable bitrate) or CBR (constant bitrate) compression mode selectable to correspond with various network conditions
    • Easy initial network settings with supplied SNC Easy IP Setup Guide application
    • Image Stabilizer to help minimize the effect of camera shake or vibration to achieve less blurry images




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