PBE 5AC GEN2-US - With tighter beamwidth and a dedicated Wi-Fi radio for management, the PowerBeam AC Gen2 5 GHz High Performance airMAX ac Bridge from Ubiquiti Networks offers a more reliable long distance point-to-point connection. This radio is designed to filter out noise to reduce interference in areas congested with multiple RF signals. Setup is simple thanks to fully adjustable hardware making it easy to adjust the mounting bracket ± 20° along with the ability to detach the antenna feed with the push of a button.

Ubiquiti Networks PBE PowerBeam AC Gen2 5 GHz High Performance airMAX ac Bridge

SKU: sil72895
    • Dedicated Wi-Fi Radio for Management
    • PBE 5AC GEN2-US
    • Dual-Band 2.4 GHz & 5 GHz Frequencies
    • 25 dBi Gain
    • 1 x Gigabit Ethernet Network Interface
    • MIPS 74Kc Processor
    • Power, Ethernet, Signal Strength LEDs
    • Outdoor UV Stabilized Plastic Antenna
    • 125 mph Wind Loading / Survivability
    • ± 24 kV ESD/EMP Protection
    • Includes Pole-Mounting Kit




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