• Universal Vosker Camera Support
    This heavy-duty security camera protection box can easily fit both V100 and V200 cameras to provide flexibility and support outdoors.

    Rugged All-Weather Design
    Crafted from premium-grade steel our security camera box is made for year-round use, so you can safeguard a home or property in even the most unstable weather.

    Quick, Stable Mounting
    We’ve added holes on both sides to make it easier to insert our cable lock, as well as a hole on the front to install a traditional padlock or key lock.

    Mountable for Added Stability
    Inside the high-security lockbox on the back, you’ll find holes that help you screw it into a flat surface, pole, or another access point to provide longer-lasting resilience.

    Smart, Accessible Front Panel
    The best part of the Vosker lockbox is that the front makes it easier to install or remove a camera to check stored pictures or videos.

Vosker V-SBOX Steel Security Box for Security Cameras

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