The black Yamaha A-S3000 Integrated Amplifier has a highly rigid double structure construction in order to achieve pure and accurate audio amplification. The bottom chassis and insulator ward off external vibration, and provide each circuit board a floating structure supported by an independent inner frame, thoroughly eliminating the impact of vibration. And the power source unit, which consists of a power transformer and capacitors, which are major sources of internal vibration, is fixed firmly with a three-dimensional structured inner frame, and is supported solidly by the front panel and the rear panel. The power amp circuit board and the weighty heat sink are attached to the left and right inner frames. The power supply unit and amplifier circuits are thus structurally isolated, achieving an ideal chassis structure which thoroughly blocks the transmission of vibration. Moreover, the inner frame that supports the power transformer is shaped with ample space below it, allowing passage of the wiring to each circuit over the shortest possible route. The chassis helps to minimize the length of the signal paths and achieve low impedance, as well as providing high rigidity and anti-vibration benefits. The result is a dramatic reduction in signal loss, for remarkably pure audio amplification.

Yamaha A-S3000 Integrated Amplifier (Black)

SKU: sil69176
    • Rigid streamlined construction provides strict anti-vibration protection, and enables shortest cabling routes

      Large toroidal transformer, solidly mounted with independent three-dimensional inner frame

      Comprehensive low impedance design, shortened signal paths and copper-plated chassis

      6mm thick top panel made of non-magnetic aluminum plate

      Left-right symmetrical design for independent pre amp and power amp blocks

      Floating and Balanced Power Amplifier with MOSFETs

      All-stage balanced transmission

      Direct drawing toroidal transformer for complete elimination of signal transmission loss

      Exceptionally low impedance through secure screw connections

      Superior quality electronic volume control for optimum sound

      Discretely configured phono amp

      Exquisite, large level meters reflect the dynamics in the music

      Original speaker terminals for high sound quality, as well as beauty and ease of use

      Switch design is elaborate, richly textured, and easy-to-use




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